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      Hi, thanks for the excellent package selection and all the work youve done to help make pro server setups. I have been using it for months now and very happy with the results. All was crispy until recently, where i unfortunately it seems i ran into a bug.

      During one of the recent apt update/upgrade sessions, the openssh-server app was replaced with 1:9.2p1-3myguard~jammy which was built against a different version than the libraries referenced so basically i have a version mismatch issue and im too nooblette.com/script-kiddie to work it out:)

      Any ideas?

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      Ah forgot to mention, the issue relates to the openssl libraries used. I have a make-do solution using a copy built from source on the local machine using the generic openssh-server package but its not running under systemd etc, not ideal.

      Will try apt sourcing your package and building your version on local machine. Will report back findings.

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      Problem info:

      OpenSSL header version… 300000a0 (OpenSSL 3.0.10+quic 1 Aug 2023)
      OpenSSL library version… 30100020 (OpenSSL 3.1.2+quic 1 Aug 2023)

      error: Your OpenSSL headers do not match your

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