Welcome to my debian/ubuntu repository.

My name is Thijs Eilander, a lazy admin from Amsterdam who is tired of not having some features, having old software or not having reliable packages at all to be found. The easiest/laziest way to keep it altogether and up2date without breaking things or making a mess is to build my own packages in the debian/ubuntu way and automate it as much as possible and put it in my own apt-get repository. And because I know other people are lazy as well I want to share it with you. Lazy admins united!

It all started when I needed something from nginx, a couple of years back, so that was the main project (and still is). In the meanwhile I added some more nginx modules with dependencies which also required new packages. When the covid19 lockdown begun I had some spare time and trashed some bare-metal servers to start over in docker, and I discovered I needed more and more custom packages. At the end every major daemon or library I use is repackaged and updated the way I see fit, and it saved time!

TL;DR: laziness saves time.

Quick setup:

wget https://deb.myguard.nl/pool/myguard.deb
dpkg -i myguard.deb
apt-get update && apt-get upgrade