The packages, reloaded

Most packages are rebuilds, backports and/or updates from latest (or upcoming) LTS or release and thus are following recent debian/ubuntu standards and conventions. The packages are updated to the latest release. Switching back and forth should be no problem if not using the extra options and optimalisations my builds might be providing.

Most builds are now automated, so when a new version is released a cronjob will build it as soon as possible, except if there is any breakage of patches in which case I’ll try to fix is manually as soon as possible. If there is a package out-of-date for too long, please inform me.

Access to the github repository where I store my buildsystem and the packages is restricted, if you want access to review the buildscripts and/or packages please contact me. Contributions are welcome too.

Missing something? please contact me! 😉

Currently the builds are available for:

  • Debian Bookworm, Bullseye, Buster, and when it builds Stretch and Sid
  • Ubuntu Jammy, Focal, Bionic
  • There are OpenSSL3-quictls packages available for all distributions (optional)

Maintaining new/updated/backported packages:

  • apache – latest version, compiled with -O3 -flto for some extra % speed, now with openssl3 packages
  • aptly – a swiss army knife for Debian repository management (git master+zstd patch)
  • ccache – latest version
  • clamav – latest version
  • coreruleset – rules for libmodsecurity3 from git master
  • dovecot – latest version with sieve included
  • golang-github-klauspost-compress – This package provides various compression algorithms in pure Go.
  • golang-github-azure-azure-storage-blob-go – Microsoft Azure Storage SDK for Go
  • golang-github-cavaliergopher-grab – A Go package for downloading files from the internet
  • hiredis – Hiredis is a minimalistic C client library for the Redis database.
  • libbrotli – latest version, needed for the nginx brotli extension
  • libdbd-mariadb-perl – MariaDB and MySQL driver for the Perl5 Database Interface (DBI)
  • libfido2 – latest version, needed for openssh and other stuff with hardware keys like yubikey.
  • libfilesys-diskusage-perl – unique package, not found on official debian/ubuntu repo’s
  • liblmdb – Lightning Memory-Mapped Database
  • libmaxminddb – latest version, needed for nginx
  • libmodsecurity3 – latest version, needed for the nginx modsecurity3 connector
  • libjemalloc2, compiled with –disable-initial-exec-tls for NGINX and some other optimalizations.
  • libzstd / zstd – fast lossless compression algorithm
  • luajit2 – latest release – openresty’s implementation
  • lua-cjson – The Lua CJSON module provides JSON support for Lua (openresty)
  • lua-resty – meta-package for packages lua modules
  • liblzf – LibLZF is a very small data compression library.
  • mimalloc – compiled with securemode and DYNAMIC_TLS for NGINX.
  • myguard – automatic install of this repository
  • nginx – extended and optimized including openssl3 – see this page
  • openssh – latest version + openssl3 + added snippets in /etc/ssh/sshd_config.d
  • openssl – latest version, 1.1.1
  • openssl3 – latest version with quictls
  • pcre2 – Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions Libraries
  • postfix – latest version + openssl3
  • redis – Persistent key-value database with network interface
  • rspamd – latest version, compiled as release
  • rspamd-git – daily git master, compiled as release.
  • unbound – latest version with optional openssl3 packages (with libnghttp2 for DoH)
  • wait-for-it – latest version, installs as /usr/bin/
  • zlib-ng – zlib data compression library for the next generation systems

You might also want to take a look at my dockerhub or github where I use these packages in docker for my production environments