New route into the future

Dear users, systemadministrators and other fellow lazy people,

The last few months I realised I want to take my repository into a new route into the future, in a more professional way. Ever since I started the NGINX project, it was focussed on pushing out new technology and new cool tricks.

While that’s ok, the last couple of years my userbase has grown from one person (me) to a lot of people. So I have to take responsibility and take things more serious and more professional.

I decided to do a couple of things:

  • Rename the repo from to, as “paranoid” has a little negative sound in my own country 😉
  • Switching over from Reprepro to Aptly, as Aptly is a lot faster and can do a lot more things (like snapshots).
  • There is now a new testing repo, where I push the builds to for testing. I want to encourage everyone to use this repo in their testsetup, development (or if you want, your production servers ;-)) and give me feedback
  • On, there will be less updates, probably only when a new release comes out, but no intermediate releases except for urgent bugfixes.
  • If it proves that this is not stable enough, I will provide a stable-snapshot and a current-snapshot, besides my testing repo.
  • I’ll try to keep a changelog (nginx only) from now on.
  • Build a better site 😉 Please help!

So, I hope you will all join me into the future. And don’t forget to sponsor me coffee 😉

With kind regards,
Thijs Eilander
Your underachieving package-administrator

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