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      This post is about using the myguard apt repositories


      We have a main repository, with stable releases on https://deb.myguard.nl, it contains stable releases. On the repositoy we have https://deb.myguard.nl/pool and https://deb.myguard.nl/openssl3/pool.  The difference is that the packages that are compiled with OpenSSL3 are in the openssl3 repository.

      You can configure it like this:   (or download and dpkg -i myguard.deb)

      root@build:/etc/apt/sources.list.d# cat deb.myguard.nl.list
      deb http://deb.myguard.nl impish main
      deb http://deb.myguard.nl/openssl3 impish main

      If you want to use the openssl3 section, you *must* enable the normal section too. non-openssl3 stuff is not on the openssl3 section.


      There is also a testing repository, with intermediate releases and testing releases. They should be stable but will get far more often updates so more can go wrong. The same applies for openssl, there is http://edge.deb.myguard.nl:8888/pool and http://edge.deb.myguard.nl:8888/openssl3/pool

      You can configure it like this:   (or download and dpkg -i myguard.deb and remove the # at the beginning of the lines):

      root@build:/etc/apt/sources.list.d# cat edge.deb.myguard.nl.list
      deb http://edge.deb.myguard.nl:8888 impish main
      deb http://edge.deb.myguard.nl:8888/openssl3 impish main

      If you want to use edge.deb.myguard.nl it is wise to enable the stable repository too, as missing packages are fetched from the stable repo.

      My own dockers and production servers are using packages from edge

      I hope this post clarifies how things are set up.

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