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      2022-12-9 NGINX-QUIC (beta) uploaded to

      root@f54e9f4e1ea1:/etc/nginx# nginx -V
      nginx version: nginx/1.23.2 (the QUIC edition (beta) from
      built with OpenSSL 3.0.7+quic 1 Nov 2022

      2022-12-06 edge: uploaded nginx 1.23.2 compiled with OpenSSL3.0.7-quic for testing. (no http3 yet)
      2022-12-05 Release: OpenSSL3.0.7-quic in order to support http3 in the future.
      2022-11-17 Rerelease 1.23.2, brought back http-sysguard. Removed it before due to compile errors.
      2022-10-19 Release: 1.23.2
      2022-07-22 Release: 1.23.1, updated naxsi changes and fixed http-waf (current, for real now) and added /etc/nginx/http-waf with assets
      2022-07-21 rebuilt libmodsecurity with PCRE2
      2022-07-19 Release: 1.23.1
      2022-07-16 Release: 1.23.0, giving NAXSI some loving, and renabling PCRE2, fixed ngx_waf (should now be current instead of master/lts)
      2022-07-12 Release: 1.23.0, new module: ngx_waf
      2022-07-10 edge: added, waiting to be tested.
      2022-07-07 Release: 1.23.0 build with PCRE instead of PCRE2 due to NAXSI incompatibility
      2022-07-01 Release: Published NGINX 1.23.0 (mainline)
      2022-07-01 enabled pcre2 (while maintaining -lpcre for openresty lua)
      2022-06-21 Delayed: NGINX Mainline (1.23.0), waiting for some fixes from e.g. openresty’s lua and pagespeed
      2022-06-xx release: Published latest NGINX 1.22.0
      2022-04-16 release: Rebuild NGINX and publish all changes from Edge. (got tired of waiting for new NGINX release)
      2022-03-xx edge: removed –without-http_geo_module from core configure flags (Tim Elston)
      2022-02-07 edge: added scripts/ to get cloudflare ip’s
      2022-01-31 edge: added libnginx-mod-srcache-filter
      2022-01-27 edge: fixed parallel building
      2022-01-27 edge: use nginx/njs latest tag instead of latest commit
      2022-01-25 release: Updated to nginx 1.21.6 (upstream release)
      2022-01-24 release: Rebuild NGINX and publish all changes below.
      2022-01-20 edge: added sysguard module
      2022-01-06 edge: Added mod-http-zstd as dynamic module (also: PR)
      2022-01-06 release: Fixed a renaming issue with NAXSI (thanks to Tim Elston)
      2022-01-01 release: Rebuild NGINX packages one more time in case something is not in sync due to the move to aptly
      2022-01-01 release: added /etc/nginx/scripts/ to deal with priorities and renaming
      2022-01-01 Moved from reprepro to aptly (apt distribition)
      2022-01-01 Happy new year & start changelog

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